Human Embryology and Teratology

A concise course

These web pages show some texts of the Embryo CD 3.2 program.
You can download and test this program (with images and videos).

  • Introduction
    Here you are introduced into some fundamental ideas of the embryology and to the structure of the program.
  • Teaching text
    The teaching texts introduce to the development of humans. They cover the time of the fertilisation up to the birth with emphasis of the embryonic period.
  • Multiple choice questions
    In this section you can examine your knowledge on the basis of multiple choice questions. The questions are grouped according to the chapters of the teaching text.
  • Atlas
    In the atlas the embryonic stades of the human development are represented. Each picture has sensitive fields. If you drive with the mouse over it, the sensitive field lights up. Besides the associated name appears.
  • Index and search
    In the index you can look after names and terms, which occur in the atlas or in the teaching text.
  • Sources
  • Appendix
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